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Contemporary Stack 'Ems Rustic Stack 'Ems Top 'Ems
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Contemporary Stack 'Ems
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Rustic Stack 'Ems
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Top 'Ems available in both Rustic or Contemporary styles

*Please note that if you purchase more than one Stack 'Em© at different times, it is possible that the carpet shades will not match exactly.

Stack 'Ems©, the Creative Cat Trees
Two to Eight Feet Tall and as Wide as You Want

Do you want to start with a small cat tree, then possibly add to it later to make it taller? Or, would you like a really tall tree, but are concerned that it would be too heavy or bulky to handle? Or maybe you'd enjoy designing your own wide and luxurious kitty playground, with the components and carpet colors of your choice.

If so, then check out our latest cat furniture line -- Stack 'Ems©. Each Stack 'Em can be used as a stand-alone play piece or used together for a big, beautiful tree. Each Stack 'Em is two feet tall. Start with 2 for a 4 foot tree. Add a third Stack 'Em to make it six feet tall. Stack four and you have an 8 footer !!

  Adding Third Stack 'Em to make a tall tree
  Stacking a 3rd Stack 'Em to make a tall tree

Two Stack 'Ems attached, one on top of the other Customer photo. 2 beautiful cats on their Stack 'Ems Customer photo of 3 Stack 'Ems
Two Rustic Stack 'Ems©
with Rustic Pagoda on top
Customer photo. 2
beautiful cats on their
Contemporary Stack 'Ems.©

Old version of the
Contemporary style
Customer photo of 3
Contemporary Stack 'Ems.©

Old version of the
Contemporary style

For a wider playground, place two Stack 'Ems© side-by-side, and then stack more on top. This will create a four-foot-wide play area. Using three creates a six-foot-wide play area. Use your imagination to form a triangle or "L"-shaped playground for your favorite felines.

You can be creative with Stack 'Ems©. Mix and match as you see fit. Arrange them in a design you choose. Start with one or two now, and then add more later.* The choice is yours. Choose your own color(s), choose your own style, make your own design, and do it all on your own time schedule!

Four Stack 'Ems creating a square play area
Four Stack 'Ems -- Two Tall, Two Wide

Demelza and Jake Nuzzle on the Top of Two Stack 'Ems

What's great is that it doesn't matter in what order you stack the Stack 'Ems. You can periodically switch them around to give your cat, and yourself, a whole new look. Every Stack 'Em unit weighs less than 50 pounds, so most people can pick them up and move them around. They are solid, sturdy, and still portable!

  • With a post in all four corners, each unit is built with super-sturdy construction.

  • No need to pay extra for sisal! Each unit comes standard with one sisal post.

  • The Contemporary Stack 'Ems have 3 carpet posts and 1 Sisal post. The Rustic Stack 'Ems have 1 carpet post, 2 bark-covered wood posts and 1 Sisal post. There are also options to replace wood posts for additional carpeted and sisal posts.

  • Each unit is 24" wide, 24" deep, and 24" tall (except for the Rustic Pagoda Stack 'Em, which is 32" wide, 24" deep, and 14" tall).
Sneaking a Kiss on Top of Two Stack 'Ems

How do cats climb the Stack 'Ems?

Each Stack 'Em base and top has a large cut-out on one side. These cut-outs create large openings through which it is easy to hop from Stack 'Em to Stack 'Em. The pictures below show our kitties climbing from level to level. Of course, active cats prefer to climb straight up the posts.

Demelza Steps Down Jake Steps Up
Demelza Climbs Down through Two Units
Old version of the
Contemporary style
Jake Steps Up through Two Stack 'Em© Units
Old version of the
Contemporary style
Are the Stack 'Ems stable? Do you fasten them together?

Yes, the Stack 'Ems are stable. The base is a large 24" square for balance and stability. The weight of each unit, gravity, and the friction of carpet-on-carpet all combine to keep the Stack 'Ems from toppling over. We have stacked them 4 tall without securing them together in any way. Then our monsters continuously test them and we have had no problems. Of course, for your peace of mind and even more stability, you can screw them together. We pre-drill holes in the base of each Stack 'Em, and include wood screws for your convenience.

Are the Stack 'Ems big enough for large cats?

Yes, the Stack 'Ems are big enough for cats up to at least 25 pounds. Even with the cut-out on the base for cats to jump from level to level, there is still a large 16" x 24" flat surface for big cats to lounge on. The beds, perches, cradles and shelves are all at least 22" long.

  5 Critters on the Rustic Stack 'Ems

5 Year Warranty  

There are two styles of Stack 'Ems: Contemporary and Rustic.
The only difference between the two styles is in the way the 4 corner posts are covered. The Contemporary style has 3 carpeted posts and 1 sisal post while the Rustic style has 1 carpeted post, 1 sisal post and 2 bark-covered wood posts.

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