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Coconut Palm Cat Tree

Top of Palm Cat Tree

  Coconut Palm Cat Tree
This tree is a work of art! It is magnificently designed with six removable sculptured palm leaves and three half coconuts (14" in diameter) that function as beds. Each palm leaf can hold 50 pounds, although we don't recommend this tree for large or declawed cats. This tree is for agile cats with claws because they will need to climb up the trunk. Made with 68 pieces of hand-cut solid wood, it is 5'10" tall, with a 30"x30" base, and a 50" maximum "wingspan". Read a Palm Tree Customer Testimonial.

$669 plus freight

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Baby Purr   Baby Purr
A smaller version of the Purrs below, the Baby Purr is purr-fect for kittens and small cats. It stands about 37" tall on a 24"x24" base. The two upper openings have leaves that extend out about 10" and inward about 2". There is approximately 8" of clearance inside the hollow trunk that allows cats to move up and down inside the trunk. The top leaf is also 24"x24". The Baby Purr ships fully assembled via UPS while the bigger Purrs below ship via a freight company.

$399 plus $175 S&H (oversized package)

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Big Purr

Big Purr
Testimonials and more Purr pictures

Purrs - Hollow Cat Tree
Purrs look like the Keebler Elf tree come to life! They have an incredible 16-inch diameter hollow trunk with several entrances. Each entrance has an inner leaf and an outer leaf so cats can climb the outside or inside steps. The plushly padded tree-top has a large center opening (not seen in the picture) to provide easy access to the top leaf from the inside. A notch in the tree-top provides easy access to the tree-top from the outside leaf directly below it. The inside is fully carpeted and the outside is carpeted using the special soft-sculpture technique. Purrs come in three heights: Medium, Big, and Great. No matter what height or color scheme you select, the Purrs are strikingly beautiful! The base for all three models is 30 inches by 30 inches and the maximum body width is approximately 38 inches.

Misty Surveys the Scene from atop a Big Purr Left: Customer photo. Misty surveys the scene from atop a Big Purr

Medium Purr, 4' 6" tall, 3 levels -- $599*
Big Purr, 5' 6", 4 levels -- $784*
Great Purr, 6' 6" tall, 5 levels -- $889*
* plus freight

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Robinson Cat-Rusoe
Testimonials and more Robinson Cat-Rusoe pictures
Robinson Cat-Rusoe
Rated a Top Ten Product by Cat Fancy magazine, this remarkable tree is an incredibly plushy playground for cats. It has a house on top, two slanted cabins, an A-frame hanging unit, four extended branches with large leaves, and a half tunnel on the 48"x30" base. The picture does the Robinson Cat Rusoe no justice - you really have to see it to believe how beautiful this piece is. It is 7' tall, 7' wide, and 34" deep. It weighs approximately 300 pounds.

$1059 plus freight

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Large Cabin with Flowers and Cat Silhouette Motif Large Cabin
The Large Cabin is the ultimate multi-cat dwelling. It has an upper loft with several roof exits, and two ground-level openings. It also has two tree trunks with large top leaves! The outside is lavishly decorated and absolutely gorgeous. You can pick which decorative motif you want on the front of the cabin. The cabin is an ample 30"x21" and the taller tree is 4'2" high. Approximate widest dimensions are 53" wide x 34" deep.

$526 plus freight

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Large Cabin with Musical Motif Large Cabin with Flower Pots Motif
Small Cabin

Another Image of a Small Cabin

  Small Cabin
The Small Cabin is a great selection for one or two cats. It has three openings, a 2'10" tall tree with two leaves, and fits perfectly under window sills. This cabin provides a great opportunity for "paw wars" and the rest required thereafter. It has a 23"x16" base.

$315 plus $109 S&H (oversized package)

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