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5 Year Warranty   These highly artistic creations are uniquely beautiful and fully functional cat furniture. In your home they are more than cat furniture - they are artistic designs and real conversation pieces. They feature a handcrafted, folded carpet application and a variety of decorator motifs. We have several cat furniture models for Oriental and Southwestern home decors. Our best selling hollow tree Purrs are unsurpassed.

Sculptured Line Size Categories

SculpturedTM Cat Trees
Deluxe SculpturedTM Trees
Themed Furniture

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Decorative Motifs

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Example of Sculptured Tree (Cat House) Example of Deluxe Sculptured Tree (Big Purr) Example of Themed Furniture (Large Pueblo Deluxe)
Example of SculpturedTM Tree Example of Deluxe SculpturedTM Tree Example of Themed Furniture

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View our SculpturedTM cat furniture by clicking the links above. This magnificent, art-gallery quality furniture is broken down into 3 categories: cat trees with large leaves, beds or houses on top; deluxe cat trees and cat houses; and cat furniture made with southwestern, japanese and other themes.