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Rustic Cat Trees

5 Year Warranty   Our Rustic Cat Furniture features real bark-covered tree limbs, and comes in heights from 2 to 7 feet tall. Built and tested for over 15 years, these fully assembled cat trees are absolutely tip-proof. These rugged, durable units will last for years and years. To provide additional scratching surfaces, you may wrap one or more posts in carpet and/or sisal rope. And we now offer expandable cat furniture, Stack 'Ems, that you can stack as high and wide as you desire.
Rustic Size Categories
Small Cat Trees (to 3' tall)
Deluxe Small Cat Trees (to 4' tall)
Medium Cat Trees (to 5' 10" tall)
Large Cat Trees (to 6' 7" tall)
Extra-Large Cat Trees (to 7' tall)
Stack 'Ems (stackable to 8' tall)
Coffee Tables with a Cat Theme
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Small Cat Trees (R4 Model) Deluxe Small Cat Trees (R12M Model) Medium Cat Trees (C2M Model) Large Cat Trees (P6 Model) Extra-Large Cat Trees (P10 Model) Rustic Stack 'Ems
Click picture for Small Cat Trees Click picture for Deluxe Small Cat Trees Click picture for Medium Cat Trees Click picture for Large Cat Trees Click picture for Extra Large Cat Trees Click picture for Stack 'Ems

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