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Large Image of the Model R6T Cat Tree

Type: Rustic Deluxe Small Cat Tree, Model R6T

Height: 4 feet

Weight: 65 pounds

Shipping Method: via UPS

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For this product, you can choose from two different carpet types -- plush or berber. Berber tends to be more durable. If you select berber carpet, be sure to read the section on "Drawbacks to Berber Carpet".

Berber Carpet

Selecting half Berber and half Plush adds $10 to the base price. Selecting all Berber carpet adds $20. Choose the Berber carpet option you desire below. You will select the berber carpet color in the next section.

I would like the carpet on my tree to be:  

Note: If you selected HALF berber carpet, be sure to choose from ONLY ONE of the Berber Carpet Colors drop-down menus below, AND then choose a Plush color from the other column. If you selected ALL berber carpet, choose from ONLY the Berber Carpet Colors drop-down menus below, in one or both columns.

Carpet Color and Type Selection

For more information about carpet colors and weaves, see About Carpet Color Selections. You can select up to two different carpet colors and types, one from each column. You must specify at least one. Selecting a color in the first column only, "Carpet Choice #1," gives you a single-tone tree. Selecting a color from the first column and one more from the second column, "Carpet Choice #2," provides a two-tone tree. ONLY MAKE ONE CARPET SELECTION IN EACH COLUMN. Thank you!


Carpet Choice #1 Carpet Choice #2
Select ONLY if you want a two-color tree

Silk Leaves
You can add non-toxic silk leaves for an attractive decorative effect and greater privacy and interest for your cat. This option is not available on carpeted or sisal posts. (Please note: Although the leaves are classified as non-toxic, if your pet chews on household things, it might be better not to get them.)
Do you want to add silk leaves to your tree? (adds $70)

No Yes

Alternate Post Coverings
The standard posts on this tree are tree limbs with natural bark. Unless you know specifically the surfaces your cat(s) like to scratch, it is best to provide as many different types of scratching surfaces as possible. Many indoor cats will not scratch on wood, and prefer scratching on carpeted and sisal-wrapped posts. Sisal Rope is an excellent scratching surface for cats, and it lasts much longer than carpet.

You can let all of the posts remain natural bark, or you can wrap one or more of the posts with any combination of the following options:

  1. Fully Carpeted Post -- the entire post is wrapped with carpet from top to bottom.
  2. Full Sisal Rope Post -- the entire post is wrapped with sisal rope from top to bottom.
  3. Combination Post -- the middle half of the post is wrapped with sisal rope and the remainder of the post above and below the sisal rope is wrapped in carpet.

Convert to All Carpeted Posts
If you select this option to replace all the bark posts with carpet covered posts, you can skip down to the delivery portion of this order form. NOTE: You can be much more specific with the "Individual Post Options" in the next section. Do you want to replace ALL the Wood posts with Carpeted posts? (adds $28): 

No   Yes

Individual Post Options
The total number of wrapped posts cannot exceed two (2) medium and two (2) tall.

How many would you like wrapped in carpet? (Option 1 above)

How many would you like wrapped completely with sisal rope? (Option 2 above)

How many would you like wrapped in a combination of sisal rope and carpet? (Option 3 above)

Note: If you would like any other combination of sisal rope or carpet covering, please call us directly during business hours at 954-747-3629 to discuss what you would like.

Decorative Appliques
You can add a decorative applique to your item for $10. There are three appliques available: cat silhouette, heart, or paw print. Decorative appliques are cut from a contrasting carpet color and inlaid into the existing carpeting. They are placed on an open area, such as a bottom half-tunnel, the base, the peak of a pagoda, or the side of a tunnel, cradle or bed.

If you would like to add a decorative applique, please select one from the list below.  

Congratulations! You have finished customizing your tree!
Please continue with the next section.

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Please double-check your selections to make sure that you receive an accurate quote. Thank you for your interest in Angelical Cat Furniture Company products!

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