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26" Scratching Post 26" Scratching Post with Sisal
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  26" Scratching Post
At 26" tall, cats can reach up to stretch and scratch on this post. Anything shorter can't be called a cat scratching post! A dangling pompom offers play opportunities. Available in carpet covered and sisal rope models.

Carpet covered post -- $52 plus $22 S&H
Sisal Rope covered post -- $72 plus $22 S&H

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Pedestal Scratching Post   24" Classic Size Pedestal
This double post has a center carpeted post, a slanted sisal post, three dangling pom-pom balls and a platform on top. It is two feet tall.

$115 plus $43 S&H

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Tiger Pedestal   Tiger Pedestal
This pedestal is 33 inches tall and wild. This giant-sized, double scratching post offers a center carpeted post and a slanted sisal rope post with three dangling pom-pom balls and a pedestal on top. Our cats went crazy over it!

$145 plus $64 S&H

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Pyramid Scratching Post
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  Pyramid Scratching Post
With four posts, two in carpet and two in sisal, this is an exceptionally functional piece. It is like having four scratching posts in the floor space of one! In addition, there is a platform on top and a center pom-pom ball. It is two feet tall.

$145 plus $54 S&H

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Ramp Placed on Floor
Scratching Ramp Placed on Floor

Ramp Placed Against Wall
Ramp Placed Against Wall


  Two-Way Scratching Ramp with Mice
Either lying in the middle of the floor or up against a wall, the two-way scratching ramp provides a comfortably angled, wide and long scratching surface made from tough sisal carpet. Enticing your kitties are two mice on the inside of the ramp reachable through five paw-holes. Whether the ramp is against a wall or on the floor, one mouse always dangles tantalizingly inside. Cats, seeing the mice, reach in and play. On top of the ramp, cats enjoy great play, excellent scratching, and even some snoozing. The interior, exterior, and sides are all fully carpeted. The ramp is approximately 30 inches long, nine inches wide, 12 inches high, and weighs 18 pounds.

$123 plus $39 S&H

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View Kitties on their Ramp

Ramp with One Mouse Visible
Underside of Ramp where
the Mice are located

Three on a Ramp
Three on a Ramp

Going After a Mouse
Going After a Mouse

Scratch-n-Play   Scratch-n-Play
This is a 24" round ring of fun with two sisal rope scratch posts, two carpeted scratch posts, and four dangling pom-pom balls. Cats can scratch and play inside and outside the ring. It is 2 feet tall.

$148 plus $54 S&H

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Tiger Scratch-n-Play   Tiger Scratch-n-Play
Requested by many customers, the Tiger Scratch-n-Play is a taller version of our Scratch-n-Play. At 33" tall, it is almost a foot taller than the Scratch-n-Play. It is 24" round with two sisal rope scratch posts, two carpeted scratch posts, and four dangling pom-pom balls. This ring of fun was featured by Cat Fancy magazine - they called it the "Ring of Amusement" for good reason. Cats love to play inside, outside and on top of the ring. And, with this taller version, the 4 posts are now almost 3 feet tall allowing cats to really reach up high to stretch and scratch.

$179 plus $64 S&H

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Double Scratch-n-Play   Double Scratch-n-Play
The Double Scratch & Play is a 23" double ring for scratching and playing. It has 8 dangling pompoms and 8, that's right, 8 scratch posts: 4 sisal rope posts and 4 carpeted posts. There are 3 levels from which multiple cats can play with one another. The Double Scratch & Play is a masterpiece of feline amusement. 33" tall.

$199 plus $64 S&H

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Scratch-n-Snooze Testimonials and more
Scratch-n-Snooze pictures
The Scratch-n-Snooze has been specially designed for a litter of kittens and for smaller, playful cats. Just imagine a brood of kitties sleeping in the cozy 17" long tunnel after a stint of climbing and playing. This wonderful piece has 2 combination sisal rope and carpet posts to climb and scratch. It's topped with a 20" by 12" oval platform to lounge or sit on. Oval base is 28" x 19". 24" tall.

$147 plus $54 S&H

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Updated Clothesline Play Piece Note: The Clothesline Play Piece has been updated and redesigned and is now even more stable. The two pictures below are of the previous model.

Clothesline Play Piece                    Top View of Clothesline Play Piece
Top View of Clothesline Play Piece
Testimonials and
more Clothesline pictures

  Clothesline Play Piece
Updated and Improved!
The Clothesline has a 24-inch top stationary wheel with 3 holes to jump through from below. Three pom-pom balls dangle down for cats to swat around. They are attached using heavy clothesline so the rope will not break. The center scratch post is covered with carpet, and the slanted post is wrapped with sisal rope. Both posts offer almost three feet of scratching and stretching height, more than most scratch posts on the market (except for our 50" Tiger Post and 33" Tiger Pedestal).

A large 24" round base and the slanted sisal post make this scratching post and toy stable enough for most cats. It is 33 inches tall.

As kittens, our office cats would begin by scratching the center post and then, while still in a scratching position, would catapult themselves through the holes in the top wheel. Then they would hang out on top and swat at the kitties below. It was the cutest thing! See the pictures to the left of our kitties on an earlier version of the Clothesline.

Now, as adults, even our bigger cats can jump through the holes to the top. We see tails and hind legs and front paws hanging down through the holes. They are as content as can be up there.

Clothesline with Carpet and Sisal Posts -- $159 plus $64 S&H

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